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Go Bombing Day!

December 31st, 2012 is the worldwide Holiday, “Go Bombing Day” for writers, street artists, and sticker heads. We ask that you complete a production type wall repping Go Bombing Day for your respective city.
We ask that you hit up the letters “GBD” or tag the words: “Go Bombing” or “Go Bombing Day”.

We think this is an awesome way to start a real tradition that can be handed down for future generations to remember our fallen heroes and current living legends from the street art and graffiti worlds such as:
Dondi White, Cornbread, Chaz Bojorquez, Jean-Michel Basquiat / SAMO, Borf, IZ the Wiz, Keith Haring, Cool “Disco” Dan, Saber, Adam Cost, Zephyr, Retna, Lady Pink, Tempt One, Taki 183, Stay High 149, Tats Cru, Aerosol Warfare, Futura 2000, B.N.E, Eric Haze, Seen, Barry McGee / Twist, JA, Revok, Lee Quinones, Revs, Dash Snow, COPE2, Shepard Fairey, Sure, Todd James / Reas, and more.

Here is a list of cities that have a strong graffiti scene. We are hoping that you will “BOMB YOUR HOOD”!

New York Los Angeles London San Francisco Seattle Miami Sydney Paris Chicago Berlin Melbourne Brooklyn Oakland Toronto Amsterdam East London Bristol Brighton Philadelphia Barcelona Hamburg Victoria Minneapolis Portland Tokyo Groningen Basel Copenhagen Sheffield Calgary Houston Queens Detroit Honolulu Madrid Austin Rome Omaha Norfolk Atlanta Bronx Vancouver Sao Paulo Capetown Tehran Warsaw Prague Taipei Zurich Queens Venice Belfast

Notes: Of course people have always made up rumors of an actual bombing day but this will establish the real deal.

“Go Bombing Day” does not have to be viewed as a day to go crazy and tag everything in a destructive manner.

The argument that the cops will be out looking for writers more on this day is ridiculous…

The cops are always looking for us anyway!

We do not condone any illegal activity.

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