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U.N.I.T.Y.: How Women Make Herstory


It is a common belief (read: myth) that women don’t work well together. We are too jealous and too insecure. We hate on each other’s success/clothes/body/relationship (insert noun here). We smile in each others’ faces while we talk behind each other’s backs. We’ll claw each other’s eyes out to get to top. That’s why we will never get ahead, right?

I call bullshit. While all of us ladies have dealt with nasty and petty behavior from other women in our lives, or have doled it out, we cannot deny the tangible power of women when we come together. Don’t believe me? Let’s walk through the last 30 days of Women’s Herstory Month and take a closer look…

Right on time for Women’s Herstory Month, conservative shit-talker talk show host Rush Limbaugh called student and reproductive justice advocate, Sandra Fluke, a slut and a prostitute because she spoke before Congress about the importance of free/low-cost birth control for young women especially students.  In response, women (and smart men) throughout the interwebs banded together using online petitions and Twitter to pressure Limbaugh’s advertisers to jump ship. Over 40 advertisers pulled their ads, i.e. their money, clearly denouncing his schtick of spewing hate speech. We’ve got purchasing power and undeniable strength to create change when we work collaboratively.

Speaking of sluts and working together, journalist Ann Friedman brilliantly flipped International Women’s Day to a gif-tastic “International Slutty Women’s Day” poking fun and giving the middle finger to Rush Limbaugh and the conservatives limiting women’s access to birth control and reproductive health services. M.I.A., Jane Lynch, Lisa Turtle, and Wonder Woman all make appearances. (Thank me later.)

Laughter and snark are sublime antidotes to the insanity that women face personally and politically, however, we also commune for a some soul food and uplift. WBAI, New York City’s Pacifica radio affiliate, commemorates International (Working) Women’s Day every year with two days of diverse programming created by women and highlighting us. It includes speeches, interviews, poetry, music addressing issues in women’s political, social and spiritual lives. Even though it aired live on FM radio, they do an excellent job of archiving, so scroll down to March 8 and 9 and listen at your leisure.

Women from around the world joined together this month to commemorate “International Anti-Street Harassment Week” from March 18-24 to raise awareness of the fact that women don’t want to be cat-called, psssssted at, stared at, groped or disrespected in the street when we are trying to go about our daily business and live our lives. Women from Asia, Europe and the United States shared stories and ideas on how to stop this, finding appropriate responses and ways to resist. Some awesome male allies even put their two cents in with “Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit To Women On The Streets.” Thank you, gentlemen, and can you please share that with your big-mouthed brothers?

Women together are unstoppable. We are great allies to each other, we are the backbone of families and communities. Sometimes when we get burned by other women, those we consider to be our “sisters,” we get disillusioned and lose trust. This post from The Daily Love, “In Praise of Women: Magnificent, Spacious, Fiery” reminds us of the value and beauty of love and support from our sisters, our girlfriends, our gurls.

Working together is what Ladies Lotto is founded on. Supporting each other to manifest our dreams and desires. Sharing information, invites and intelligence. When we act from a place of scarcity and hoard or sabotage others, that’s what we manifest in our own lives. There’s enough to go around. Ask yourself, am I my sister’s keeper? Let’s remind ourselves every day that our individual greatness creates collective power, and continue to lift each other up all day, every day and all year.

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